Monday, February 8, 2016

Make it Monday - DIY Rope Framed $1 Mirrors

Check it Out!  When crafting, I always love to use recycled materials and I love finding cheap items and making them look well... uncheap!   

Sometimes my ideas for projects come out exactly as I imagine but more often than not, they don't! But that isn't always a bad thing.  This project is a prime example!
My initial intention when I bought 6 $1 framed mirrors at the Dollar Tree was to create one large mirror.  It was to be the Pottery Barn Mirror hack that I saw on Pinterest.  It didn't work out as planned so I put my mind to figuring out how I could use all these frames that I now had. And tada, I ended up with the rope frame beach themed mirror above.

My supplies for this project included:

  • 2 $1 framed mirrors
  • Recycled piece of heavy cardboard (originally a backing to a bookshelf)
  • Rope
  • Twine
  • Assorted beach glass pieces
  • Box Cutter knife
  • Hot Glue
  • e6000 or other adhesive
  • Ruler
To start I measured and figured out the center spot for my two mirrors.  Using e6000 I adhered them to the board.

Using my hot glue gun, I started adding the rope following the edge of the mirror and rounding the corners to create a frame.
I repeated this around and around until I ran out rope!  I didn't measure my rope but ended up with 5 times around.  
Because I ran out of rope and didn't want to go buy more, I decided to cut my board down so that it didn't show.  I then glued a line of twine around the edge to cover the board edge.

So I got to this point and had considered myself almost done, when I accidentally broke one of the mirrors.  Yep a big ole crack right along one corner.  So I dug around in my craft supplies and found the beach glass. 

To cover my mistake, I glued a left over piece of rope right across the crack and added the beach glass in the space that was created after adding the rope. I also used a piece of twine to cover the line between the two mirrors.

I think given all my hiccups, it turned out pretty good!  What do you think?

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