Monday, February 1, 2016

Make It Monday - Create Your Own Wall Art with Driftwood

Check it Out! If you know me at all, you know that the beach is pretty much my all time favorite place to be.  It is my life long dream to end up somewhere near the ocean!  The sand, the water, the sun... I just love it all!

Of course every time I get the opportunity to visit the beach I spend time looking for and collecting treasures.  From sea shells to sand I always bring a little of the beach back home with me.  That also includes driftwood.

Jekyll Island, GA is currently my favorite beach location.  It's only 5 hours away, has amazing off season hotel deals and is not overly crowded.  There is just nothing like walking down the beach and only seeing a handful of people.  You can get that on Jekyll Island.  It also has one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, and that is Driftwood beach.  

I am absolutely in love with this place and I'm sure you can see why!  You can just walk and walk on Driftwood beach and see so much of God's hand at work.  It's breathtaking!  And there is an endless supply of driftwood. 

I don't want all these amazing treasures to just sit in a container so I decided it's time to create something with them.  One of the things I came up with is wall art!  Above is the cross I made for a dear friend that went to Jekyll Island with me after Delmar passed away.  She actually helped me collect the small pieces of driftwood that are on this cross.
Here is another one, smaller this time.

Making a cross is pretty easy.  It really is kinda like a jigsaw puzzle!  Just lay out all your driftwood pieces and arrange them to fit the shape of your art. 

The supplies for this craft include:

  • Driftwood pieces and other beach treasures
  • Balsa wood or cardboard
  • Hot glue or other strong adhesive
To make the crosses I used light weight balsa wood strips that I glued together in a t shape.  I glued a piece of twine to the back to create a hook for hanging also.  Then I simply arranged and glued the pieces down being sure to cover all of my base.  I then added shells and spanish moss to adorn the center. Super easy and fun!

I also created this P using the same technique, except I cut the base from sturdy cardboard and used larger pieces to cover it.
I just love it and it looks so nice against my sea blue wall!
So what do you do with your beach treasures after you bring them home?  

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