Monday, February 8, 2016

Build your story with Origami Owl Jewelry

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Check it Out!  My husband Delmar passed away just 2 weeks before Christmas 2014.  That Christmas I received my first Origami Owl locket from a dear friend.  Once I realized what I had and learned about building my story, I was hooked!  

Above is my "Delmar Memory Locket" that includes charms that remind and memorialize him for me. I also have the cross and angel wings dangles.  For me that is one of the draws of Origami Owl jewelry, being able to layer your looks. From the living lockets to dangles and the new In{script}ions, each piece just adds to the next.

This is my In{script}ions plate that finishes off the locket.  It is inscribed specifically for this locket and completes the story.  I can not express how much I am in love with this plate and my whole locket. 

With Origami Owl, you can host a Jewelry Bar. This allows you to have a unique in home experience to see, touch and share the jewelry and your stories.  
I recently hosted a party in my home with my preferred designer Nancy Pye.  She is an amazing person and a wonderful representative of the company.  Just look at the amazing jewelry bar she set up in my dining room.

Of course with home parties and hosting comes rewards!  Origami Owl offers special hostess rewards that include earning free jewelry and discounts.  The more sales you get, the more goodies you get!  

I was very fortunate to book my party during a special double hostess rewards month.  I earned all of the jewelry you see in the picture above!  $75 worth of jewelry and I got my long wanted In{script}ions Hexagram at half off!

I am so proud of all the pieces that I have been fortunate enough to obtain over the last year. Included in them are the amazing Black Friday deals I got this past Thanksgiving.  Unbelievable deals that gained me two more lockets, chains and charms for an unheard of price!  

This is my Family locket that includes charms that represent my kids and me. And some Angel Wings for Delmar.

And this is my black Wrap Bracelet that I wear ALL the time!  This locket is my "My Kids" locket that includes 2 boy charms, 1 girl charm and a small heart plate.  I also have the "Blessed" Expression Frame to complete it.  
As I said I am so hooked on this jewelry and I can not wait to keep adding to my collection and building and telling my stories.  
You can check out Nancy's Facebook page HERE .

Have you heard of Origami Owl jewelry?  Have you created a locket?  What is your story?

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  1. Be-still my heart, I love everything, I want everything, but my pockets say NO BOO! Love your choices and how awesome that you are using your voice on the blog to share with others!!! LOVE IT ALL!!!!


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