Monday, January 19, 2015

Product Review: #BeeSiliGadgets Silicone Oil & Sauce Bottle & Basting Brush

*I received the product in this post for purposes of review.  All opinions are my own.

Check it Out!  I love kitchen gadgets.  Finding products that make the time I spend in the kitchen easier is awesome.  Finding ones that are fun too is a bonus!  I love making my family cheddar bay biscuits.  You know like the biscuits you get at Red Lobster?  Yeah, those yummy garlicky goodies!  Usually I have to just spoon the buttery topping over the biscuits because I just haven't found a basting brush that I like but recently got the opportunity to review the Bee Sili Silicone Oil & Sauce Bottle with Basting Brush and I have to say I really like it!  It's not your typical basting brush.

Not only are you getting a quality eco-friendly oil and sauce basting brush but it is really durable.  It is made from non-toxic Bpa Free FDA approved silicone and is dishwasher safe.  This is a three in one tool that allows you not only to baste but store your vinegar, oils or sauces right in the bottle. I find that very convenient.  You can just drizzle oil from the bottle or turn it over and use the basting brush.

The basting brush is a generous size and allows for complete coverage. And that gives my biscuits and other recipes a perfect finish.  Oh and each end comes with a cover for easy and clean storage.

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