Thursday, May 1, 2014

#TBCCrafters Craft Hop - Random Acts of Kindness Can

Check it out!  I love to practice Random Acts of Kindness and try to do at least one every day.  It not only helps others, it makes me feel great!  From returning someones shopping cart to mowing the neighbors yard, there are always little and big ways you can do something for someone else.  To encourage my family to get in on this practice I thought I would create a Random Acts of Kindness Can!  I keep it in the main room and encourage the family to pick one of the many acts that I have included or to add one of their own.  
Since I had that fabulous Ribbon Flower that I created last week, I knew it would be perfect for the lid of my can.

My supplies included:
  • A mixed nuts can
  • Glue Dots - regular and XXL sized
  • Ribbon Flower - you can see how I made mine HERE
  • Scrapbook paper - I used a Colorbok pad that included die-cuts that had the Random Acts of Kindness tag in it
  • Tags
  • Flower button
  • Glitter tape
Here is how I put it together.

First I stripped the mixed nuts label off my can to give myself a fresh surface to work with and then I cut a strip of 12 x 12 floral scrapbook paper to fit around the can.  I used my Glue Dots to adhere the strip to the can.  Since my paper wasn't long enough to go all the way around the can, I cut a coordinating piece of scrapbook paper to cover it.  I adhered it with Glue Dots and then used some glitter tape to cover the seams.  I added about 4 strips of glitter tape around the can.  
I used the XXL Glue Dots to adhere my ribbon flower to the lid of the can and added the Random Acts of Kindness and the button flower to the front of the can.  I removed the shank from the button so it would lay flat. My button matches the one in the ribbon flower too.
Then I hand wrote Random Acts of Kindness on tags and put them in the can.  I also added some plain tags so the family could add their own.

Some of the acts that I included are:
  • Give someone a compliment
  • Make someone laugh
  • Send someone a written letter (it's much more personal to get a handwritten letter than an email or text)
  • Mow the neighbors grass
  • Wash a friends car
  • Host a food drive
  • Give someone a hug
  • Give a homeless person a care pack
  • Let someone go in front of you in line
  • Help others shop
  • Help someone find a job
  • Share your umbrella
  • Visit someone who is lonely
  • Offer to babysit for free
  • Leave flowers at the cemetery
  • Send a random e-card
  • Smile at others (at least 5 people)
  • Donate to charity
  • Volunteer at a community center
There are a ton of different ideas that are absolutely free and I am sure you could come up with some of your own!


  1. Love it!! We need more people in this world to use a can like that!! :) Pinned & Tweeted!

  2. Cute idea and I love the random acts you listed! This would be a fun project and activity to do with my young children. I want to encourage them to do more selfless acts of kindness. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You are so creative and kind I admire it so much!


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