Thursday, April 24, 2014

#TBCCrafters Craft Hop - How to make Ribbon Flowers

Check it Out!  I was looking for some inspiration for future crafts, so while on a trip to the library with the kids a few weeks ago, I was flipping through some books on ribbon and found a how to on making ribbon flower petals.  I have since returned that book and don't have the title to share, but that is how I got the original idea.  How I put it all together is my own creation.  I decided to add the silk flower to it for added dimension and I love how it turned out.

My supplies included:

  • Ribbon - I used 2 different colors and 2 different widths along with a third color for the leaves
  • Floral button
  • Glue Dots
  • Glue Dots XXL
  • Thread & Needle
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
Here is how I put the petals together.

Step 1.  Using a coordinating color of thread, thread your needle and cut a length of your desired color ribbon.
Step 2.  Fold one edge in to the center in half.
Step 3.  Fold the other side in so the edges are overlapping, creating a triangle shape.
Step 4.  Sew a gathering stitch across the overlapped ribbon edges

Step 5.  Gently pull the thread together to gather the end of the petal.  I wrapped the thread around the base and tied it off to keep the gather secure.
Step 6.  Repeat steps 1 - 5 until you have the desired amount of petals.  
I created 4 purple and 4 pink petals.

Here is how I created the leaves.

Step 1.  Cut a length of ribbon and fold it so each end is diagonal to the center of the ribbon.
Step 2.  Fold it in half towards the center to form a point at the top.
Step 3.  Stitch a gathering thread along the bottom edge of the ribbon.
Step 4.  Gently pull thread to gather the end of the ribbon.  Wrap thread around the gather and knot it off to finish the leaf.

Here is how I put the ribbon flower together.

Step 1.  I used an XXL Glue Dot to adhere my flower together.  So I removed the clear film and laid it flat in front of me.
Step 2.  I simply arranged my leaves and petals on top of the glue dot in a floral pattern.
Step 3.  I added the floral button to the center.  Using my wire cutters, I removed the shank from the button so that it would lie flat and even.
Step 4.  I removed the stem and center from my silk flower so that I only had the petals remaining.

Lastly I removed the backing from the XXL Glue Dot and layered my ribbon flower on top of the silk flower petals.
You could use as many petals and leaves as you want and make it multi-layered with 3 or 4 colors.  The options are endless!

So what did I do with this flower?  Well you will have to come back next week and check out my next TBCCrafters post to see!  


  1. Wow Dawn - that is gorgeous!! That looks like the ones you buy at boutiques that cost way more than I care to pay. I love it!! Looks pretty easy, once you get the hang of it. Beautiful!

  2. This flower is so beautiful! I love the colors you used as well.

  3. This is awesome! This flower is so beautiful. I agree that it can be good for making a wonderful pillow. I cannot wait to see how you make use of it.


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