Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday - Beauty in the Sky

Check it Out!  I decided to change my Wordless Wednesday posts to Wonderful Wednesday!  Since they aren't usually wordless and I love the idea of a post that shares the wonderful I see and feel, I figured it was a fitting change.  
This picture was taken in my back yard today.  It was a beautiful sunshine day.  Beauty in the sky!  I love a beautiful sunshine Georgia day!  I have woods at the back of my property line and I love gazing out at them.  Watching the trees sway with the breeze and the birds and squirrels running around is a great view for my morning coffee!  I have a healthy population of Cardinals too and I feel so wonderful every time I see them flying around.  Beauty in the sky!

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  1. Sounds like an amazing spot to just sit in peace and enjoy the blessings of the day. I dream of the opportunity to sit outside on my porch and do the same. There's something magical about sitting in the peace and quiet, listening to the sounds, it's so soothing! Beautiful Capture Dawn.


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