Friday, April 22, 2016

#FixItUp Friday - Faux Candle Chandelier

Check it Out!  I have this really plain looking chandelier in my dining room.  
It came with the house (which we bought as a foreclosure) and it's probably as old as the house (which was built in 78).  I have lived with it thinking eventually I would find an affordable chandelier to replace it with.  Along the way I have searched for globes or shades to enhance it but I just haven't found any that I either like or can afford.  I check the thrift stores every time I go but no luck.  But I have been determined to fix up that chandelier.  
Today I was sitting in a room with a huge chandelier in the center and there is was!  Candles as globes. I looked them up and nope!  Not gonna pay that so I sat there thinking, I need to find candles that I can convert to globes.  Then it hit me, just use paper!  And tada...

As soon as I got home I started experimenting with making my own candles from paper.  And I have to admit, it wasn't hard and it wasn't time consuming.  

I found a pillar candle that was the same dimensions I wanted for my candles and cut 6 pieces of off white paper to fit around the candle.  Using scissors I cut some grooves around the top of the paper.  When rolled up it makes it look just like a candle!

I have to say I really love how it turned out.  And you can't beat a free fix it up!  I can also make different colored "candles" for the holidays! What do you think?

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