Monday, March 7, 2016

Make It Monday - Upcycle Glass into Beautiful Decor Pieces

Check it Out!  After our house fire in 2012, there were only a few items that we were able to save.  I had a full 8 piece china set that didn't make it, but some of the wine glasses did.  Not a full set, but odd and end pieces. There were some plates and candle stick holders and other pieces as well.
I decided to upcycle them into some usable pieces that I could use for decor in my home.
To create all of these pieces I used E6000 adhesive.  It is strong and dries clear.  It's also easy to use.

This piece is created using a candle stick holder that can be picked up from the Dollar Tree for a buck and a bowl that previously had a brass stand.  The brass didn't survive the fire so I just had a bowl. I simply glued the bowl to the top of the candle stick holder.

This piece is made using a candle stick holder and another bowl.  I use it to store stamps in my craft room now.  I love it!  Again, just glued the candle stick holder to the bottom of the bowl.

This piece was created using a small fish bowl that I picked up for $1 and the left over piece from a vase.  This beautiful little piece used to have a little glass top that help small flowers.  The top got broken but I saved the bottom.  I absolutely love this new piece.  It is gorgeous with a teacup candle inside.

And this three tier stand was created using plates and candle stick holders.  I simply found the centers of the plates and glued them to the holders.  It's perfect for jewelry or for holding items on my desk.  I actually made two of them!  You could glue the plate to the top of the candle holder alone to create a pretty cake stand as well.
What do you think of my upcycled glass pieces?  Do you have any glass pieces you could upcycle?  

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  1. Omg Dawn I love these, all of them, like A LOT! I really love the one you made with the bowl because it looks like something you'd buy at the store for booku bucks! You did an amazing job... Searches house for all the things lol!


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