Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - Upcycle Jars into Desk Accessories

Check it Out! I have quite a collection of jars.  There are so many really cool varieties out there that can be recycled into something useful.  I love these little jars that had fruit in them and knew they would also be keepers.  I decided to use them on my desk to hold things like paper clips, scissors and pens and pencils.

The only things I needed to complete this upcycle was hot glue, some twine and the jars of course.  You could use another kind of adhesive if you choose, but I love using hot glue.  It dries fast and clear and bonds well.

For the open jar to hold tall things, I just started at the base of the neck of the jar and glued and wrapped the twine to cover the threads. I continued all around the top edge of the jar as well.

For the lidded jar, I started on the outside edge of the lid and just wrapped and glued the twine down to completely cover the surface.  Super easy!

This is the same type of jar and I use it to store pencil top erasers for the kids homeschool needs.  To make it look sparkly, I mixed mod-podge and glitter and poured it inside the jar.  I then brushed and swirled it around until the jar was completely coated inside and allowed it to dry a few days.  I cut a circle out of scrapbook paper and adhered it to the lid.  Cutting little notches all around the outside of the circle allowed me to wrap it around the lid so it lays flat.  I used mod- podge to secure it. 

Using jars is a super thrifty way to get extra storage.  Do you save and reuse your jars?  What kinds of this do you use them for?

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  1. Love this idea, looks like you're in your creative groove and I love it!!!


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