Monday, February 29, 2016

Make it Monday - DIY Apothecary Jar

Check it Out!  Last week I posted about using jars for storage.  You can check that post out HERE and see how I used recycled jars to make usable desk accessories.  

Today for my Make it Monday post I wanna share how you can make a really cool accessory for your bathroom or kitchen.  This accessory is in the apothecary style and only uses a recycled jar and a dollar store candle stick holder. 

For this project I used E6000 adhesive because it bonds glass to glass and is super strong.  I also used a decorative drawer knob that I got on clearance for about 30 cents.  I also used spray paint, the candle stick holder and a recycled dip jar.  

Using my spray paint, I sprayed the candle stick and the lid.  It took about 4 coats to the lid.  I didn't want any of the original color showing and my paint was white. It took about 2 coats on the candlestick to get the look I wanted.

I used the E6000 to glue my knob to the center of the lid top.  You could use a screw and nut if you prefer.  Just drill a hole in the lid and thread it through.

And finally I used the E6000 again to glue the candle stick holder to the bottom of the jar.  
After allowing the glue on all the pieces dry over night, I had a beautiful jar for my bathroom counter.  I use it for Q-Tips.  

What would you store in a DIY apothecary jar?  I can think of a thousand things!


  1. Dawn, now you know I need to do this.... wheted you get the knobs, this is amazing!!!

    1. I found them in the clearance bin at Michael's many years ago. I'm thinking they were around 30 cents each. Got these beautiful pink and purple ones. They are adorable!


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