Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - How to Make a Window Valance from a Bed Skirt

Check it Out!  I am on a very strict budget, so buying curtains is not a top priority for me.  I only have 2 windows in my front room, which we call the living room.  It is a large open room that includes the dining room. I have this AMAZING sky blue color on my walls that I absolutely love.  The valances that I have had on these windows since we moved in 3 years ago actually came from the Dollar Tree.  Yes $1!  About as cheap as you can get for a valance, but I have to admit, they also look cheap.  

 Not too long ago I had a friend give me a bag of bed linens that contained this queen sized bed skirt.  The pattern on the skirt was perfect for my room, it has the blues, the greens and the browns that are all in the rooms.  Problem was it was a bed skirt.  But as I examined it I realized the way it was made, I could cut it and remake it into valances.  

I don't have a sewing machine and I am not big on hand sewing so I used fabric hot glue for this project.  

To start I measured my window.  Then I laid out the bed skirt and found two seams along one side.  I cut upwards along those two seams so that I would have clean edges.  And then I cut along the top edge above the gather.  The extra fabric on top allowed me to make a pocket for my curtain rod.

Once I had the pieces cut out, I simply folded over the top flat piece and glued it to the top of the gather to create a pocket. 

And TADA, two brand new valances that look great and cost me about $1 for the glue sticks. Just as cheap as those other ones, except these don't look as cheap! But I am thinking I could add some beaded lace or trim to the bottoms to dress them up even more, as my budget allows of course! I even have some left over fabric!
What do you think about my thrifty valances? 

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  1. Hot GLUE, seriously, what is wrong with my brain. Girl you are too clever...


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