Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Product Review: MakIt Pre-Paid Art Plate Kit

*I received the product in this post compliments of MakIt via USFamily Guide for purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own.

Check it Out!  My daughter is an artist!  I know she is only 13, but she has real talent and has taught herself to draw portraits.  She draws the most amazing eyes and loves to do wording and graphic type drawing too.  Although she saves her drawings, mostly by hanging them on the wall, I have frequently wished there was a way to keep them perfect forever.  Well...I found one!  Actually it found me, in the form of a new review product via US Family Guide.  MakIt is an awesome company that creates personalized treasures, made by you!  

We got the opportunity to try out their Pre-paid Art Plate Kit that allowed us to order up to 3 plates.  
These kits are pretty cool, you get 25 blank templates that are the exact size and shape of your finished plate, so you can draw right to the edges if you want to!  You also get a set of markers, and a convenient pre-paid envelope to make getting it in the mail, super easy.

So in three easy steps, you have a very unique and personalized gift that anyone would love!  Step 1 is to create your drawing on the special template, step 2 is to mail it out and step 3 you will receive your completed plate within 15 days!  

I have 3 kids, but my daughter is the only one interested in drawing and she was excited to make something she could keep forever and even eat off of!  She really liked that idea!  So she went to drawing on the templates.  She drew around 6 different ones so we had to choose the 3 we liked best.  It's great getting 25 templates, because you can make mistakes and not worry about running out of them.
There are a few things to remember when drawing though, if you smudge it, those smudges will show up and you can only draw on one side, but those are pretty easy to do.  Victoria started some of hers by drawing it in pencil first and then filling in her colors.  
After choosing 3 to send, we got them in the mail on a Friday and within 8 days we had our plates delivered.  We were so excited to see the final products and are so happy with them! 

These plates are made of break resistant, durable melamine and are non toxic (BPA free) as well as dishwasher safe.  They are however not safe for the microwave.  Each plate measures 10 inches in diameter.

This Kapow plate she made is my favorite and I am so impressed with how bright and bold the colors are.  It's a clean crisp image that looks so great! 

These plates are awesome for everyday use and even better for gift giving!  I would imagine Grandma would love a handmade plate from the grandkids and what an awesome father's/mother's day gift these would make!  

These kits are very reasonably priced and are available in group kits as well!  You can head over HERE to MakIt and get more info on the Pre-Paid Art Plate kit or any of the other products they can make for you! 
Even if your not very artsy, they have some amazing pre-made templates that you can personalize too.  From birthdays to Disney to Holiday plates, there are some beautiful and creative designs available.

I am super excited to offer my readers a 30% discount on their first Pre-Paid Art Plate Kit when you use promo code:  USFAMILY at http://www.makit.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductCode=K1100PP at check out.  That is a savings of over $5!  
Go ahead... MakIt!

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