Thursday, May 15, 2014

#TBCCrafters Craft Hop - Upcycle Jeans into a Charging Station

Check it Out!   Last week I was working with denim and created my Dyed Denim Wrapped Gift Bucket.  This week I was trying to come up with something to craft and realized I had some leftover denim pieces.  I love using denim to create bags because you can bling them up in so many ways.  I had a ton of different denim bags before the fire, but not one of them made it out and I have been wanting to make some more! 
My daughter is constantly looking for a place to set her iPod while it is charging, so I decided to make her a charging station from some upcycled jeans.  

My supplies for this project were super simple:

  • 2 Pockets cut off some old jeans
  • Denim trim from the left over leg
  • Lace
  • Felt Embellishment
  • Hot glue with fabric glue sticks

To start I heat up my glue gun and load up my fabric glue sticks. Then I laid one of the jean pockets face down on my flat surface.  I attached my lace around the side and bottom edges of the pocket as shown with the hot glue and then attached the handle.  My handle is a piece of jean seam that was cut from the hem of the leg.  I cut the length of handle just long enough so the pocket would hang just beneath the charger plug in.  I then glued the other pocket on face up.  To finish it off I glued on my felt embellishment. 

I love the way this little bag looks and it is so functional too.  You can check out a bunch of other denim bags I made a few years ago on this Make It Monday post HERE.  See how I used other parts of jeans to make different bags.  


  1. Love it!!! I have something like this on my "Crafts To Make One Day" list - looks adorable and a great way to reuse old clothing! Adorable. Pinned & Tweeted!

  2. This is so cute. My kids and my hubby have a lot of old jeans and I am going to turn them into something "new". LOL

  3. What an adorable little cell phone pocket! I love the touch of "lace". Totally fabulous!


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