Saturday, December 7, 2013

Book Review: Critical Reaction by Todd M. Johnson

*I received this book via Bethany House for purposes of review, however all opinions are my own.

Critical Reaction
by Todd M. Johnson

About the Book:
"After turning out plutonium for the Cold War, the shuttered Hanford Nuclear Facility's poisoned buildings still pose a risk to the surrounding community. The men who guard the facility are told the dangers are under control, but then the worst happens--a thunderous explosion in the dead of night.
Kieran Mullaney survives the blast, but his attempts to discover what really happened are met with silence and threats. Convinced that Hanford is hiding something, Kieran reconnects with his old friend, lawyer Emily Hart, and enlists her help in finding out the truth. But the deeper the two of them dig, the stranger--and more dangerous--this case gets."

My Review:
I love legal thrillers and this story will take you into the courtroom.  Although the subject of plutonium and nuclear dangers are a little boring to learn about, the story picks up after the first few chapters.  After reading the synopsis for this book I was thinking this would be more from Kieran's perspective but it wasn't it was more from Ryan's, Emily's dad.  I would love to have known more about Kieran and Emily but I did enjoy the characters and the plot.  I really enjoyed Poppy as well, he is the kind of character that keeps you reading to see what the outcome is.  I could not predict the ending and it kind of is left in a cliffhanger, which makes me want to read more about these characters.  It only took me a few days to read this once I got the time to pick it up, and once I got through the first few chapters, I could not put it down!  

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