Thursday, July 11, 2013

#TBCCrafters Thrilling Thursday Craft Hop - Icing Cup Upcycle

Check it Out!  If you have ever used Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls, then you know what the item in the pic above is!  Yes, it is the icing cup from the container.  
I think they make great little gift boxes.  They could be used as ring holders, tooth fairy boxes or even candle holders.  They are sturdy and thick so they are a great base to work with.  

I made a few different kinds using a variety of supplies.  

For the red container I used scrapbook paper, fabric, a 3D Chipboard embellishment and mod podge.  

I cut a circle larger than the lid from fabric and mod podged it on...

To get the fabric to fit around the lid, cut slits that allow the fabric to fold over to the other side.  Use a generous amount of mod podge and then add a smaller circle of fabric to the back to cover the folds.

Again using a generous amount of mod podge, cover the entire lid to seal the fabric together.  

Next cut a strip of scrapbook paper to fit around the outside of the container as well as a circle to fit inside to cover the bottom.

Add ribbon, lace or whatever trim you want and embellish as desired.

I created all of these using whatever I had on hand.  

For the lace covered container I just used scrapbook paper and lace by the yard for the lid.  

Starting on an outside edge, hot glue the lace down along the edge, until you reach the beginning and then start another row on the inside of the first row.

Continue all the way around until you reach the center.  Glue to secure.

I used a vintage button for the center of my lace rosette and the lid is done.

Just add your scrapbook paper pieces to the outside and inside and this little treasure box is complete.

For the candle holder I used some more of those lovely marble stones and hot glued them on all around the container.

Add a candle and another marble stone to the top of the lid and you have a cute little candle cup and lid.

We always have some of these cups around so you may just see them in another craft in the future!
Happy Crafting!


  1. Very neat idea. I love upcycling projects!

  2. How cute!! Isn't it funny how some of us look at things like that and go hmmm....what could I make with this? :) Pinned & Tweeted!!

    1. Thanks Jamie! I know, I keep many things like this thinking, I can do SOMETHING with that! Keeps the brain juices flowing!

  3. Now that is creative, I love that it can be made as a gift holder, the rosette is adorable! I would have never thought to save and use those little container for anything! Great job!

    1. Thanks Rose! I was using one in the kitchen to put my rings in when cleaning and thought, hmmmm..... lol


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