Monday, July 22, 2013

Make It Monday - Glitter Jar & Covered Lid

Check it Out!  I have another easy way to fancy up those jars you may have around the house.  Using only a few products you can make a glitter jar and a paper covered lid.

To get the jar all glittery, mix some mod podge and glitter in a container, stir it well to make sure there are no glitter clumps and then pour into the jar.  Roll the jar around to distribute the mod podge all around the sides.  Once you have all the inside surface covered, turn the jar upside down and allow the excess mod podge to drain out, wipe the rim clean when done draining and allow to dry.  

To cover the lid, first cut a circle from the desired paper, slightly larger than your lid...

I used another jar lid for my circle and then traced my lid shape onto the center of the cut shape.  This allows me to keep it centered when mod podging so that I have equal sides all around.

Apply some mod podge to the top of the lid and stick the cut shape on.  Cut slits around the lid to allow for easy fold over.  Apply more mod podge and fold paper around the lid to the back.

Apply an all over coat of mod podge to seal the lid and your fancy jar upcycle is complete!
Want some more ideas for jar upcycling?  Head over HERE and see how to make a marbled jar and you can GO HERE to see how easy it is to make a Mason Jar Soap Dispenser.
Go ahead...Make it!

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