Monday, June 24, 2013

Make It Monday - Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Check it Out!  I love mason jars and have been seeing all these neat things made with them.  I didn't have any though until a friend gave me some homemade jelly and I had myself a new mason jar!  Since I have some of the decorative colored mason jars in my kitchen, the ones with no lids, I knew I wanted to make a soap dispenser for my dish soap.  I always buy in bulk and end up with these large bottles, so not only will this be easier to handle and use with a pump dispenser but it will look fab.
For the soap pump, I just used one from an old SoftSoap dispenser.  

I made a hole in the very center of my lid to install the pump.  I used a knife and started with a small hole and twisting the knife, made it just big enough to slide the pump in so it fits securely.  You could glue around the edges if you wanted to.

Now I just unscrew the lid and add my dish soap.  So the next jar I get, I am getting rid of that hand soap bottle too.  

You could paint the lid or add some fabric and embellishments as well to fit your decor.  I have found that since the fire, that I tend to like things plainer now so I just use it as is, but I may add something to it later.  Never know!


  1. OH yeah! I love it!!! This is fantastic, I can't wait to make one!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I am so excited about this! I keep seeing cute soap dispensers made out of olive oil type containers, but this is extra awesome because I already have everything for it! :) Great idea!


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