Monday, April 29, 2013

Make it Monday - Custom desk set

Check it Out!  I have been trying to figure out how I wanted to organize our homeschool stuff and since my kids are older, I could actually go with a look that wasn't all red/yellow/blue schoolhouse!
During a recent trip to Goodwill, I struck gold and picked up a slew of office supply items for a steal!  I found these 4 paper trays that were only $0.77 for a 2 pack.    

Now of course one of the drawbacks of buying used is things don't always match and of course I had 1 oddball tray.  Since I had already created my custom framed chalkboard, I thought why not complete the theme.  So using the same scrapbook paper as I used for the chalkboard, you can check that out HERE, I just cut some rectangles that fit in the sides. 

I used double sided tape because I want to be able to change the paper out and it works great. Just a couple of pieces and taadaa! 

Much better looking!  I also bought a great incline file sorter for $1.41.

By just turning the sorter over and tracing the shape, I got a perfect pattern for the front.  Using the same double sided tape, I applied it to the front panel.

Now that looks like it cost way more than $1.44!  Since I keep a pencil cup, or a pickle jar next to the school stuff, I figured it needed to fit in as well, so it got a little love as well!

So for about $2.97, I have a cute matching set! Here is how it all looks on the table.

And here is how the whole set up looks with the chalkboard as well.

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