Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday's Tip - Making your patio tablecloth a custom fit

Check it Out!  It's springtime and if your like my family, time to spend time outdoors.  One of our favorite things to do is eat outside together.  If you use an umbrella on your table then you know you gotta have a hole in the center of your tablecloth to allow for it.  Yes you can buy them with holes but here is a tip on making your own, much cheaper!  I picked up a couple of vinyl with cloth backed tablecloths at Anna's for $2.50 each.  I do this because I can get a more custom size.  My table needs a 52" x 70" oblong size.

It is super simple to cut a hole in the center without having to cut the cloth into... just fold the cloth together long ways and then the other way, making sure your corners line up well.  

So on the inside corner edge you will cut out a half circle shape.  I made mine larger than it really needs to be, so always cut less than more, you can always cut more if it's not big enough.

Now just open it up and place it on the table and then add your umbrella.

You can also use a placemat and cut the center from it to make like a frame around the pole!  Use coordinating patterns for a festive look!   So now I need to make sure it doesn't fly up and around so I use some simple binder clips that I found in red and clearanced at Staples!

Just fold up the corner, kinda like a package...

And tuck the edges under the table.  My table has a little lip on the edge.

Simply attach the binder clip and flip back the tabs so they aren't hanging done.  I put 2 on each side of the table and I have one secure custom fitted table cloth.

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