Sunday, April 28, 2013

Book Review: The Harvest by Clint Morey

The Harvest
by:  Clint Morey

Check it Out!  I have never really been much of a sci-fi reader but have been checkin' it out more and more, I mean, all of my kids love sci-fi so I need to be "with it" too.  But I love thrillers so when I recently got the opportunity to check out "The Harvest" by Clint Morey via Tomoson, I applied.  I received a Kindle Edition of this book and it only took me about 2 days to finish it.
So imagine a future where "mutants" are "created" to provide organ donations to humans.  Created to feel no pain they are taught "humans love me.  I love humans" so they maintain healthy bodies,  all for the purpose of "harvesting" their organs when the humans need them.
Steph Martin is a mutant, but she is a defect and an early model so she has a job as a counselor.   She prepares the mutants for their extractions, for their gift to human life.  Cody Rodgers is a Deputy Sheriff with a longing to be the new Sheriff.  With an impending election on his mind he has to investigate an incident at the local "facility", which is just one among many in the world.  While he is there, a mutant attacks, escapes and creates a world changing problem when he returns to the facility and frees the other mutants.  Together Steph and Cody have to escape the facility while also saving the lives of others.
Of course there is a bond between Steph and Cody, but during this action packed escape adventure     Cody realizes that Steph is a mutant.  He also realizes he doesn't care and will do anything to keep her alive.  There is quite a lot of violence but you've got mutants attacking and you will quickly find out, telling the humans and the mutants apart is part of the challenge.
I really like the characters and it's a well laid out plot and storyline that left me wanting to know more, what's next and when is the next book?  2 thumbs up!

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