Sunday, January 8, 2012

Smiley 360 Mission: RedBox Review


Check it Out!  On my 2nd mission for Smiley360, the kids and I headed to our nearest Walmart.  The mission... Visit the nearest Redbox kiosk, and use my special digital code to rent a DVD.

Although the Redbox in our local Walmart is the closest, it is still 5 miles and a major highway away from my house so it wasn't really convenient for us.  One of the reasons we never rent movies.  However, my daughter has been wanting to rent a movie so this was a perfect opportunity to allow that for Free!  Using the Kiosk was super easy, however the selection wasn't huge and what was in stock was even less.  Finally it was agreed upon that we would go with King Fu Panda 2.  After selecting the movie, I swiped my card, entered my code and we were gone within 2 minutes with our movie.

It was a good movie and the kids enjoyed it.  However I now had to go back across town to turn it in, not the part I liked because I don't usually go there everyday or even 2 days in a row, but using the system is quick and easy and returns are just as quick! 
Overall using Redbox is easy and cheap! 
If your interested in checkin' it out for yourself, you can GO HERE and "Like" Redbox on Facebook and snag yourself a Free rental!          

*I received a complimentary Redbox Rental via Smiley360 for purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own.                                                            


  1. Hey Dawn! I love redbox! Our 'real' video store is closing and this is the only option we now have. I always reserve my movie on line so it is there when I go to get it.... Remember, you can turn them in anywhere there is a redbox. I often drop them off at another box if I am heading into the 'big' city of Augusta! PS, love your site!

  2. Thanks Debi! I will remember that but every redbox is at least 5-6 miles from me. Maybe they will put one in closer soon!


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