Sunday, January 8, 2012

Get Club Nintendo Rewards for those new Nintendo games and systems

Check it Out!  Got some new Nintendo games from Christmas?  Well we had a bunch of them and once I added them to my Club Nintendo account I ended up with a great sum of coins built up! 
Have you heard of Club Nintendo?  Well if you or your kids have a Wii or any style of Nintendo hand held system then you need to join!  All you have to do is enter the special codes found in Nintendo games into your account, fill out a quick survey and gain "coins" for it.  If you downloaded games from the Nintendo store, you can get "coins" for it.  Then you can use your coins to get rewards! 
We have already gotten the Giant AR Card- you can check out my post on that HERE.  I just ordered the handy Wii Remote Holder shown above for only 300 coins!  The super great thing is that there is never a shipping fee, yep Free Shipping and a Free Reward! 
There are all sorts of rewards too, from stickers to messenger bags to game downloads, you can GO HERE and check out the catalog.
Oh and don't forget that you can also get extended warranties on Nintendo Systems.

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