Monday, August 1, 2011

Get Great Rewards with Club Nintendo

Check it Out!  If your kids (or you) have any Nintendo products you really need to check out Club Nintendo.  Not only can you get extended warranties on registered systems, but you can rack up some coins which will get you some great Freebies!  Just look at the Giant Mii AR Card (in the photo above) that we just got with only 200 coins.  Beside it is a normal size AR Card!  If you have a 3ds then you will know how cool this reward is!  But if your not into the 3ds there are a variety of other rewards to choose from, like:
Wii Remote Holders
these cool Wii Remote Holders for only 300 coins (my next goal!)  and
Messenger Bag
this Messenger Bag for only 550 coins or
Tote Bag
this cute Tote Bag for only 250!  You can GO HERE and see all the rewards they have to offer!

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