Friday, July 15, 2011

I won with One2One Again!

Check it Out!  Just look what the FedEx man brought me today!  Yes, that is a Wii Fit Plus and I won it from the One2One Network by participating in the Centrum Get Fit with Harley Pasternak campaign.  If you have never heard of One2One and you like to share information about new products and services with your friends, family and colleagues then you have got to check out the One2One Network.  Their motto is "Fun Projects, Cool Perks, Nice People", and they offer fun projects on everything from music, books and films to beauty, food and fashion and you get some great perks!  Here is the best part of One2One for me, you only join the projects that you are interested in.  If your not interested, you just simply pass, it's completely your choice.  I have participated in quite a few campaigns and I have won 3 times!  Check out my awesome Fellowes Shredder I won HERE and I also won a $50 Visa card.  Thanks, One2One and Centrum, ya'll rock!

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