Monday, November 7, 2016

#MakeIt Monday- Upcycled Pringles Can into a Gift Container

Check it Out!  Last week I shared my adorable and easy to make floral petal butterflies.  You can check out that post HERE. This week I wanna share another easy craft that I used some of those butterflies on.  
Because I love using old objects in new ways I of course have some pringles can lying around.  My youngest son DJ LOVES pringles!  So over the years I found many uses for them.  From storing paint brushes to creating these awesome gift containers. I have used these for gifting cookies in the past but just recently I was cutting a container up and experimenting with another project.  I had the bottom portion left in tact so I decided to make mini containers for gifting things like rings, bracelets and even candy.   

I used those cute little butterflies inside too to dress it up.  The supplies for this project are actually really basic...
  • clean pringles can
  • hot glue
  • mod podge
  • fabric or scrapbook paper
  • lace
  • ribbon
  • felt
  • embellishments
  • flower petal butterflies
  • box cutter
  • ruler
  • paintbrush

To get started I measured and made marks all around the can to get an even line to cut.  Using my box cutter I cut the top off the can. 

Next I cut a piece of fabric to fit around and down inside the can.  You could also use scrapbook paper to do this, but I like the pliability of fabric. I lined the edge of fabric up with the outside bottom edge of the can and used my paintbrush and mod podge to adhere and seal the fabric to the can.

I pushed the remaining fabric at the top inside the can and sealed it down as well with the mod podge. 

To finish off the inside of the can I cut a strip of felt that fit the inside rim and used hot glue to seal it on.  Using the lid I cut three round pieces of felt as well.  One for the bottom of the can, one for the inside of the lid and one for the top of the lid.  

I added lace around the bottom outside edges of the can as well as the lip of the lid.  I then used flowers to finish embellishing the outside.  I made the flowers on the tops of the cans using strips of fabric.  I'll post that tutorial in an upcoming Make It Monday.  I may be slightly addicted to making them! lol I also added a butterfly and a little lace circle to the inside. 

As I said these are really easy to create, pretty cheap also and they make great gift containers.  You don't even have to cut the can to make the taller one.  

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