Monday, October 31, 2016

#MakeIt Monday - Easy to Make Flower Petal Butterflies

Check it Out!  I really love crafting and lately have been feeling so crafty.  Since rearranging my craft room and better organizing my supplies, I have been getting some projects started and more importantly finished!  So over the next month I plan to get some Make It Monday posts up and maybe a few others in between.  I have a ton of ideas for holiday crafts and gifts, so be sure and come back to check them out!

Today I wanna share an insanely easy but fun craft that starts with flower petals and ends with adorable butterflies. 

The supplies are so simple:
  • flowers with 5 petals
  • wire or stamens for antenneas
  • pearls, gems or other embellishments
  • wire cutters if using wire
  • glue (I use hot glue, but tacky glue would also work great)

All butterflies need an antennea.  Floral stamens work great, but you can make your own with some thin gauge wire. Just be sure whichever you use it is proportionate to the flower.  

Cut a piece of wire, bend it in the center and create small loops on the two ends.  Bend the loops outward.  

To create the butterfly body from the flower petal, you will need to be sure it is a 5 petal flower first.  Bend one petal backwards so that the front looks like butterfly wings.  Lay the wire or stamen piece behind the fold and glue it down. Add gems, pearls or other embellishments down the center of the butterfly to create a body. 

There are so many beautiful colors of petals and gems and pearls that the possibilities are endless for creating unique and different butterflies.  

You can add another petal to the back of a butterfly (with one petal folded down of course) to create a 3-D version and you could also use glitter on the ends of the wings to add some sparkle. 
Stay tuned for future Make It Mondays to see how I used some of the butterflies that I created. 

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