Monday, May 16, 2016

#MakeItMonday - Playing Cards Mini Album

Check it Out!  I love making gifts for family and friends. There is nothing like giving and receiving a gift that comes straight from the heart and is so personal.  
I wanted to share one of the gifts that I recently made.  This was given to my mother for Mother's Day.  I asked the kids to each come up with things they love about their Grandma and I used those reasons to create a "Deck Full of Reasons We Love You" Mini Album.  This mini album is made from an old deck of cards so it was unique and cheap to make.  

The supplies for this craft are super simple.  Along with a deck of cards, I used a key ring, glue, scrapbook paper, ribbon, some heart stickers, hole punch, decorative scissors and my printer. I also used some stamps and my cricut to make the words for the cover.

There are a ton of different color and styles of playing cards which makes this craft so versatile.  You can cover whatever part you want or leave it exposed.  

I measured and cut pieces of scrapbook paper to cover the insides of all my cards.  After adhering them to the cards, I punched a hole in the corners of each card.  

I added the cards one by one to the key ring to create a mini album.  

To decorate the cover I used words that I printed from my home printer as well as letters made from my cricut and a stamped word as well.  I wanted the card to show as much as possible so I cut each printed word out and glued them on.  

I also printed the reasons out, cut them into strips that fit on the cards and trimmed the edges with my decorative scissors. The last three cards have handwritten sentiments on them and signed by the kids and I.  I also added a heart sticker to each card.

After finishing all of the cards, I added some ribbon to the ring to finish the album off.
My mom really loved it and the kids had so much fun contributing to it.  

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