Thursday, February 11, 2016

Quick & Easy to Make Valentine's Day Candy Bouquets

Check it Out!  Valentine's Day is almost upon us.  I am not one for buying those fancy heart boxes of chocolates.  Not only are they expensive, but my kids usually never eat all of it.  They are typically full of strawberry and maple creams and other funky flavors that no one in my house likes.  So I stick to buying candy that I know will get eaten and they really love. 

This year I wanted to take the regular ole' candy I get and instead of just putting it in treat bags, do something a little more fun with it.  I saw these candy bouquets on Pinterest but they used those bigger boxes of candy that are like $1 each.  That doesn't seem to costly, until you gotta make 3!  So when I saw the conversation heart boxes, I knew I found a cheaper way to do it.  

To create these cute bouquets I used:
  • Mini Conversation Heart boxes
  • Assorted snack size candy bars and Hershey Kisses
  • Ribbon
  • Wide Mesh Ribbon
  • Skewers
  • Styrofoam 
  • Hot Glue

Creating the "vase" is super easy, just glue four boxes together in the shape of a square.  I just broke off a piece of styrofoam from a piece that I had saved from some packaging at Christmas.  You could be a whole lot neater about it, but I know it's gonna wind up in the trash so I just made sure it would fit in the middle of the "vase" and was thick enough to hold my skewers.

For the flowers, I simply glued two pieces of candy back to back with the skewer sandwiched between them.  You could paint your skewers green for a more realistic flower, but again, these bouquets are gonna get destroyed to get to the candy so I didn't take the time. I added some ribbon to my Hershey Kiss flowers.

I used 4 Hershey Kiss flowers and 4 candy bar flowers for each bouquet poking the stems down into the center of the vase and into the styrofoam.

I added a few pieces of the mesh ribbon to fill out the inside. Then I added some bows. Also a strip of ribbon around the base of the vase.  I then cut out 3 hearts using my Cricut for tags.

I think these little bouquets turned out quite nicely and the kids are gonna love them!  All three cost about $10 and only took about 30 minutes to make.

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