Thursday, February 26, 2015

Product Review: 100 Glow Stick Bracelets #glowsticks

*I received the product in this post for purposes of review.  All opinions are my own.

Check it Out!  My daughter loves glow sticks.  She has loved them since she was small and got her first one.  She loves creating jewelry with them and wearing them.  She puts them on the animals, on the car, where ever she wants.  
You can get glow sticks at the dollar store, but they never last very long and you only get a few in the package. So when we found out I had the opportunity to review some glow sticks, Tori was super happy. When she found out there would be 100 glow sticks, she was super, super happy and wanted to use all 100 of them at once!  Yeah, NO!

I received a container of Super Bright Premium Quality Long Lasting Glow Stick Bracelets.  Yes a container of 100 glow sticks!  They are indeed super bright and long lasting.  Each glow stick is 8" long, are non-toxic and CPSIA compliant.  
You can create bracelets, necklaces, glasses and so much more!  As I mentioned Tori puts them on the cats as collars and it is too funny to be able to see them running around in the dark!  She also makes head bands out of them! 

There are so many fun uses for glow sticks and they are great for parties.  You can give them as party favors and you can use them as decoration for a night party!  Put them inside balloons for a beautiful lighted bouquet! The possibilities are amazing! 
You can head over HERE to Amazon and check out more info on these Super Bright Glow Sticks.  

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