Saturday, January 31, 2015

Product Review: Bellemain Heavy-Duty Pastry-Chef Quality Oven Safe #CoolingRack

*I received this product for purposes of review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Check it Out!  Having the proper tools makes things easier.  Whether it's in the garage or in the kitchen, tools can make a job go smoothly.  Cooking is something that you want to have good tools for and thanks to Bellemain I can have chef's quality tools right in my own kitchen.
I recently got the chance to review the Bellemain Heavy Duty Oven Safe Cooling Rack.  This is a quality heavy duty cooling rack that I just love.  The grid pattern on it allows you to use it for so many different foods, without having to worry about the good stuff falling through. I have always had those cheap racks that have lines going just one way and every time I used them for my cookies, I had at least half of them break in half while cooling.  There just isn't enough rack to hold the cookie. 

One of the things that I have learned is that the secret to perfect treats isn't about how your creations "cool" but about how they "set" and most cooling racks are designed to just cool.  The cheaper brands fail to set baked goods correctly which means dry, brittle or soggy results. Bellemain cooling racks are created with a patented and perfected Air Flow Circulate & Set Technology.  This means their racks have perfectly sized air pockets that allow baked goods the perfect circulation for setting while supporting them.  It also eliminates overly crispy edges and bottoms and condensation that creates sogginess.   
One of the other problems I have with traditional cooling racks is the rust.  After multiple uses and washes they always get rusted and they get warped.  You can prevent that with Bellemain Cooling Racks.  They are quality made, sturdy and solid.  They set evenly too.

This Bellemain Cooling Rack is also oven safe which means making bacon is so much easier in the oven!  I love putting bacon in the oven!  You get crispy flat bacon by placing the bacon atop the cooling rack while cooking.  It allows the grease to drain right off!  And because it is heat proof, the Bellemain Cooling Rack can be used right on the countertop to keep them safe from hot dishes and allows casseroles, hot pans, cakes and more to quick cool evenly and safely.  I leave mine right out next to the stove, so that I can cool my pans completely without scorching my countertops. 
I have also discovered it works great for drying my dishes after hand washing them and it's great for air drying freshly washed fruits and vegetables.
I give the Bellemain Cooling Rack high marks and it's by far one of my favorite kitchen tools!
You can head over to Amazon HERE and get more information this product and find out how to get one for yourself!  It's available at a really great price!

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