Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Book Review: Unseen by Jack Graham

*I received the book in this post compliments of Baker Publishing Group for purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own.

Unseen:  Angels, Satan, Heaven, Hell
and Winning the Battle for Eternity
by:  Jack Graham

About the Book:
"When Dr. Jack Graham was twenty years old, he got the phone call no one wants to receive. His father had been ruthlessly attacked, and it became clear to young Jack that invisible forces of evil were involved. He realized he needed to take the spiritual world more seriously, because the real battles we face in life are between the powers of good and evil...literally the armies of heaven and hell.

Through compelling stories, practical guidance, and biblical truth, Dr. Graham challenges popular opinions and persistent folklore about heaven and hell, good and evil, angels and Satan. You will come away from this book enlightened about the supernatural world and encouraged that God can provide protection, provision, and power for whatever lies ahead."

My Review:
I really liked this book.  Using scriptures and stories, Jack Graham takes us on a walk through those subjects many don't like to discuss that lead to the battle for eternity with our souls and bodies.  Discussion questions are provided at the end of each chapter to allow for group studies and/or individual consideration.  
Subjects like satan and hell are sometimes avoided due to lack of knowledge and fear of the unknown, and the same could probably said for Heaven and Angels.  Differing opinions and beliefs are abound, and the author touches on those as well as basic biblical truth.  
This is a well written and researched book that I have shared with multiple members of my family.  2 thumbs up!   

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