Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday Tip - Ideas for Washi Tape & Ribbon Storage

Check it Out!  I have become fascinated with the new "planner" craze!  Aside from already using Washi tape in crafts, I have learned it is a must for planning.  I have found some marked down here and there and even won a few rolls in a giveaway.  And thanks to my awesome friend Rose, I have managed to get a little supply of Washi.  Combined with my growing supply of ribbon, it was time to come up with some ways to store my stash!  For this weeks Tuesday Tip I wanna share some of the ways I do this.  

As you can see above I created some hanging storage that makes for some great wall art and is perfect for Washi tape or ribbon. I saw this idea on Pinterest a while back and have had it in the back of my mind since.  So when my friend Jamie gave me some old large wooden frames, I knew what I would do with one of them.

All it took to make this is a frame, some wooden dowels and some cup hooks.  I used these little metal thingys that I had.  I got them and the dowels from my neighbor that cleaned out a storage shed and gave me some stuff. So this was a completely free project for me. 

After sanding the frame down to give it a more distressed look, I measured and marked the spots for my hooks. I used chalk so it would just wipe off after I was done.  Then I cut down my dowels and put them in the hooks.  I recommend using a frame with some depth to allow for the width of the rolls.  

I really love this because it allows me to see all the patterns and colors in one glance.  My goal is to fill all those rows completely with Washi tape! 

Another great way to store Washi Tape or ribbon is with glass containers.  I have a stack of these corn on the cob dishes that I never use for corn but are absolutely perfect for Washi tape rolls.

I love that they fit nicely on my craft table without taking up a lot of space and allow me to see the patterns easily.

This glass centerpiece bowl is also great for storage.  

And whenever I have left over pieces of washi or ribbon that doesn't have a roll home, I keep it all in a large glass fish bowl.

Paper towel holders are also a great storage idea.  This one is an antique holder I found at The Habitat for Humanity Restore for 50 cents.  You can pick paper towel holders at the dollar store or even yard sales for really cheap.  And you can find them to hang on the wall as well.

Do you have a great tip for storing Washi Tape or Ribbon?  Leave a comment to share it.


  1. Oh my gosh Dawn, you're a genius, now I want one, using an old frame, that's amazing and I love how it looks. I'll have to send you some more washi. Girl, your talent never ceases to amaze me, great tips! Love! If you saw my washi solution you'd cry!


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