Thursday, March 12, 2015

#TBCCrafters Craft Hop - DIY Sea Shell Candles

Check it Out! I am a beach bum at heart and I love all things beachy!  Sand, sun, sea it all! 
I have been thinking about redoing my living room in a beach theme.  The paint is the perfect blue!  Unfortunately I have to start small and it will take baby steps to get it done but I will eventually get it exactly the way I want.
I love candles as well and was thinking about how cute it would be if I had some sea shell candles.  I have seen them in stores before, but never wanted to pay what was being asked.  Well since I have some really beautiful sea shells already, I realized, I could just make my own!  And it turned out to be really easy!

My supplies were super simple.  Sea Shells and tea light candles.  
Remove the wick from the center of the tea light and place it in the center of the sea shell. I knew I had to melt the wax and wasn't sure exactly how I was gonna do that, but while I was making myself a cup of coffee, it hit me!  My coffee maker has a warming plate on it! So I simply replaced the candle back into the tea light and placed it on my warming plate.  It only took a few minutes and the wax was melted.  It doesn't get too hot so I was able to pick it up and pour the wax into the sea shell covering the wick base.  
You could use colored candles as well for a more colorful sea shell effect. These would be perfect for a beach themed wedding or party too!


  1. That is brilliant!! Who would have thought of the coffee maker? I love that!! These would be great for a sea-themed bathroom, etc.!!

  2. Dawn I love the way your mind works, you are so creative! I love these!!!


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