Thursday, October 23, 2014

#TBCCrafters Craft Hop - Halloween BOO Wreath

Check it Out!  It's almost Halloween!  I don't have a ton of decorations like I did before the fire but I have found that it's okay.  Now that my kids are teens, they really aren't in to all the trick or treating and dressing up, so I don't need to decorate quite like I did in the past. 
Last Halloween I got a chance to shop the after Halloween 80% off sale at Target.  I found some really great buys.  One of those purchases was this eyeball wreath.  It was normally $20 so I got it for like $4!  

When I pulled the wreath out to decorate this year, I realized it was pretty plain and in fact had a few empty spots where an eyeball or two was missing.  So I decided to gather up some of the other goodies I snagged at the sales and give this wreath a little pizzazz!
My supplies also included:

  • Halloween Letter Sheet (Martha Stewart Crafts)
  • Halloween metallic trims (Martha Stewart Crafts)
  • Wide Mesh Ribbon
  • Trick/Treat Picks (from a pack of cupcake decorations)
  • Glue

Although I bought the basic wreath, it could be easily constructed with a round styrofoam wreath, painted black, black tinsel and an assortment of eyeballs.  Just drape the tinsel all around the wreath gluing it down.  Add the eyeballs all around the wreath.  

I wanted to add some dimension to this wreath so I chose to add mesh ribbon gathered and glued to the back of the wreath.  This could be done in many ways but I just gathered it up as I went around the back of the wreath. 

After I added the mesh ribbon I prepared my letters.  I cut the letters BOO out and then adhered them to cobweb themed paper and then onto a cardboard tag.  I removed the string from the tags to make a frame for my letters.

I glued my letters to the wreath, added some of those trick and treat picks along with some pieces of the metallic trim.


  1. That's adorable - seems fun, but still sophisticated, I love that!! Pinned it!

  2. This is such a cute wreath for Halloween! I want one for Halloween. I like the eye balls on this wreath.


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