Thursday, July 10, 2014

#TBCCrafters Craft Hop - Create a Chair Organizer from a Towel

Check it Out!  Summer is here!  Whohoo!  I love summertime and I love spending time outdoors.  I am praying we get to go to the beach this year, but it is one day at a time for us right now, so we will see. 
Being a reader, I always have a book with me when I am lounging outside so last year I started thinking about a way to keep my book, water, lotions and other things organized and at my fingertips while outside.  I found some towels clearanced out for $1.00 each and thought they would be perfect to experiment with.  So I decided to make myself a chair organizer out of my towel.

Since I don't have a sewing machine, I used my glue gun and fabric glue sticks.  Using a sewing machine for this project would make it look much better but I work with what I have!  My other supplies included the towel and ribbon.  

The first thing I did was plug in the glue gun and get it warmed up and then I laid my towel out flat and folded the end up about 4 to 5 inches.  This fold depends on how large your towel is and how deep you want your pockets.  It also helps to place the towel over a chair and make sure your pockets are past the seat.  It wouldn't help at all to sit on your pockets! lol  I made sure my edges lined up and ran a bead of glue between them to seal them together.  Then I did the same thing for the other edge and then the other side edges.

Once I had all my edges glued, I then decided how far apart I wanted my pockets and ran another bead of glue down from the bottom to top to create the pockets.  Last I added ribbon to the top edge of the fold.  You could add more ribbon and decorations but I just kept mine simple.  I wanted it to be easy to wash.

This organizer works great inside too!  I can put it over my craft chair and put my water and phone in it and it keeps it off my work space.  


  1. I love it!!! Those ones you see in the stores are always too small. I could make one of these for my craft supplies and have it on the couch while watching TV - brilliant!! Pinned & tweeted!

  2. What a great idea. Helps keep the chair looking good longer too.

  3. Great idea! Love simple fixes with everyday products. I might have to make a couple of these.

  4. Oh if you saw my desk right now, its covered in my extras, this would be so helpful right now!

  5. If you saw my desk right now, its covered in my extras, this would be helpful. Awesome craft room organization tool!


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