Sunday, June 29, 2014

Book Review: 50 Things You Need To Know About Heaven

*I received this book via Bethany House for purposes of review, however all opinions are my own.

50 Things You Need To Know About Heaven
by Dr. John Hart

About the Book:
We all want to know what happens after we die. Will we go to heaven? What will we do there? Will we see our loved ones

It turns out the Bible is filled with answers to your most important questions, explaining what heaven looks like, who will be there, and how to get there in the first place. In this book you will find clear explanations of these passages, giving you an honest and beautiful picture of our eternal home.

Find comfort and peace in the truth about heaven.

My Review:
I have said before that I am fascinated with the thought of Heaven and like most people, I have a ton of questions!  This book is a great, fast read that kept my attention and even shed a little light on some of those questions that I have always had.  Using scripture the author answers questions like, what will Heaven look like and how can I be sure I am going to Heaven.  It is a well thought out, well researched book.  I would recommend it to anyone who has a desire to learn what the Bible says about Heaven.

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