Thursday, February 6, 2014

#TBCCrafters Craft Hop - Gift in a Can with a Washi Tape Bow

Check it Out! I was putting a baby shower gift together today and really wanted to package it in a unique way.  I had this huge coffee can laying around and my Boogie Wipe goodies fit just right inside, so I decided to decorate it up.  I always love recycling materials and there is no better material than a sturdy metal coffee can to turn into a gift container.  

I wanted to keep the decorations simple and not too baby related so that the recipient could reuse this for whatever they want, not just baby stuff.  I chose paper colors to coordinate with the yellow lid and made myself a bow from some Washi Tape that I got marked down from Michael's.   This is the first time that I have ever used Washi Tape and I like it!

First I decorated my can with paper.  Since I only had 12 x 12 paper, I had to use 2 sheets and I just glued them to the can overlapping each other in coordinating colors.  I added some Washi Tape to the seams on each side.  You can add ribbon and other embellishments as desired.

I wanted a bow on top of my gift so I made one with 2 coordinating colors of Washi Tape using a simple bow making method.  
  • Step 1 - Choose tape colors
  • Step 2 - Cut 2 strips of tape and stick them together, sticky sides together so you have strips that are smooth and can be formed into loops
  • Step 3 - Create loops by twisting strips and sticking the ends together.  I used 4 strips of each color and one round loop for the center
  • Step 4 - Alternating colors, layer the loops to form a bow and add the round loop to the center to finish it off.

Now I needed a tag!  I had these great chipboard tags and felt flowers that I layered on top of a piece of paper and a glittered chipboard frame.  I really wasn't digging the pom-pom on the flower so I replaced it with a flower charm and a gem stone.  I added a little Smiles sticker too.
I really love how it turned out and I know the recipient is gonna love being able to use not only the gift inside but the container itself!

Gifts in a can can be made from not only coffee cans but drink mix containers, oatmeal canisters and even tin cans and what is super cool is that you can decorate them to fit whatever occasion you want.  

I made this Get Well Gift out of a coffee can  last year.  You can GO HERE and check it out and check out some other gift containers that I created as well.


  1. This is adorable! I love the colorful combination of the bow and also the flower tag. They are just beautiful!

  2. Love it - I want that little stuffed guy...adorable!! Pinned & Tweeted!

    1. Thanks Jamie! That little stuffed guy is "Boogs" and he is so soft and cuddly, perfect for a baby gift!

  3. I love it. I have always liked fun ways to give gifts.

  4. Thanks Mary! Me too, especially free ways! ;)


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