Monday, April 2, 2012

Make It Monday - Gift Containers

Check it Out!  Who doesn't have some coffee cans and oatmeal containers?  How about breadcrumb containers?  Well I got some great ideas for just those type of items! 

A Get Well Gift!
I decorated the outside of a coffee can using scrapbook materials and and added a handle to the top with ribbons and brads.  Add some tissue paper inside and some "get well" goodies and you have a great gift item in it's own giftbag!
These can be done with birthday gifts, baby showers and teacher gifts.  The possibilities are endless!
I made my kids Treasure cans too!

And with those breadcrumb type containers and some scrapbook supplies and my Cricut, I made treat cans.

I love crafts like these because you can personalize whatever your making, whether for yourself or for a gift. 

I made these for Christmas one year for all my kids teachers.  I put "Mrs. ___  Holiday Treats" on them and loaded them with gum and candy.  You could decorate a frosting container and add pencils or stick candy...  again endless possibilities!
Oh and check out this great idea...
An easter basket!  My daughter made this in her Kindergarten class and I decorate with it every year!  Super simple to make, just drill holes in the top sides and attach a rope or ribbon handle. 
So, what do you make with your left over containers?  I would love to know!

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