Thursday, January 16, 2014

#TBCCrafters Hop - Make your own Newspaper Baskets

Check it Out!  I have been working on some card making lately but am not quite ready to share them yet.  I was trying to come up with a new craft for this week, and as I was looking through my draft posts the other day I found this unfinished craft post from May of 2012.  It has sat there untouched because I #1 didn't finish it and #2 didn't want to look at it.  See this post was put together before my home burned down, so all the pictures were from inside that house.  Well it's been almost 2 years and I am past all that so I decided to finish it!  I got to work this morning cutting out strips of newspaper and making Newspaper Baskets!
All these handy little baskets are made from newspapers!  Cheap, relatively easy and very versatile, this is a great project to get rid of all those sunday newspapers that pile up.

All you need is the main sections from your newspaper, a straight edge, cutting tool, glue/staples and some ribbon or felt to finish off.

Using my large grid ruler I cut 2 inch strips from a section of the paper, starting from the open end.

I end up with 5 full size strips and a smaller strip of the folded edge.
Next fold all those strips in half, now you have 7  1 inch strips for each section you cut.

Now I just spend some time making some strips so that I have a good supply.  Then it is up to you how large or small you make your basket, sometimes it just decides for ya!
But the first step is to set up your strips to start weaving...

I started with 12 strips on the table...

And wove 8 about strips.  Be sure to leave the ends about the same lengths.

Now this is the part that can get tricky.  You will need to fold the sides up and weave the left over ends into the side pieces.

You will definitely need both hands and a straight edge like a metal ruler or a square box end will help to keep it square. I found that creasing the corner pieces helps.  Weave each strip into the side as you move up to the top strip.

When you get to the top strip and can't weave anymore, you will have left over in your upgoing strips lengths.  Bend all of the left over upgoing pieces over the top strip.  You can weave then down inside like you did the sides or you can cut them off even with the bottom of the top strip and glue or staple them down. 

This is where you can leave them plain or you can dress them up a bit with ribbon or felt strips glued across the top. 

I lined the bottoms of mine with another piece of felt cut to fit.  If you seal the basket with mod podge or some sort of spray paper sealer and line the tops, they are perfectly functional! 
I think they are cute too!  What about you?


  1. That is so neat! When you mentioned them earlier, I had something else in my mind, how cool that you weaved them together!!!!

  2. How fun!!! What a great way to make use of things that are usually just sitting there. Saving this one!! Tweeted & Pinned!

    1. Yes, it is a great way to reuse and recycle, fun too!

  3. OK, that is so neat! I never would have thought to do that with old papers. I may have to save a few from being turned into fire starters and build a basket or two! Thank you.

    1. Yes, make a newspaper basket to hold your newspaper fire starters! lol

  4. I was taught to weave with magazine paper that when I was in school. I made placemats, coasters and table runners. Your post just reminded me those good days.

  5. That's when I learned to weave also! It's fun and easy too!

  6. So sorry about your house! Really cool post though, I love recycled crafts!


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