Thursday, January 23, 2014

#TBCCrafters Craft Hop - Magnetic Calendar Upcycle

Check it Out!  Not long after moving in this house, I purchased a magnetic calendar that was clearanced out at Michael's for around $5.  I had a specific spot that I wanted to create an area that I could have my calendar, pens, places to put appointment cards and keys all together.  My first step at better organization!  I then found a great shelf that had baskets in it for storage marked down at Hobby Lobby and I knew the two would work well together.
I had the spot and the supplies, but I just couldn't get the calendar right.  I realized that this calendar started with Monday and not Sunday like most calendars so my numbers, that I had to write in with a dry erase marker each month, were off every month.  I got extremely frustrated with it so I decided to give it an overhaul!

So as you can see, my calendar was very dull and really kinda messy looking. It also had a chip on the side of the frame, which is why I got it so cheap!  But with the cork strip, being magnetic, and already calendar grided it had so much potential!

Supplies for this project:
  • month stickers
  • Snap Studio Snappy Days 3 x 4 Snap cards 
  • 1/2" Circle Punch
  • Magnet circles (you will need 31)
  • Magnet strips or squares
  • Jewel stickers and pins
  • Mod-Podge
  • cardstock
  • glue

To decorate my frame I used these awesome calendar themed pages from a little book I got marked down.  I am in love with this line of products and will be keeping my eyes out for more deals, cause I really want more now! lol
These cards were double sided so I lined them up around the edge of the frame creating a pattern that I liked and that squared up at the corners.  They were perfectly sized for this project too, I could cut them in half and have 4 different designs to choose from. I folded over the corners wrapping the ends around the sides and mod-podged everything down. After my first coat dried, I applied a couple more to seal it all down.

I decided a great way to clean up the look of this messy calendar was to make myself some number magnets so updating it each month was faster and cleaner. To create my number magnets I used one of the snap cards that had a calendar on it.  Since I was only able to punch out about 8 numbers, I made some photo copies of it to punch the rest out.  I ended up needing 4 copies to get 31 numbers.  I then just peeled the sticky back off of my magnets and attached my punched numbers. 

Since one of the reasons I wanted to redo this calendar was because of the days of the week, I needed to replace them so I used another of the pages from the Snap card book that contained these adorable bubble days.  I simply glued them onto my magnet sheet and cut them out.  I use the magnetic ads that are always stuck on our phone books! 
Because my month stickers were clear, I first adhered them to white cardstock, glued them onto magnet sheets and then cut them out following the edge of the sticker. 

I also adhered some magnet circles to my jewels.  
The shelf is the perfect place to keep a jar for pens and things and a plate to catch my keys or what nots.  
I also created a place to tack small pieces of paper by taking out the insides of a small frame and filling it with cork.  I used a cork coaster, traced around the glass from the center and sealed it inside the frame.  
I am so excited at how my "area" turned out and have been successfully keeping up with appointments for 6 people, but I am thinking I need a calendar journal maybe...those Snap cards really have me inspired!  

I'd love to know how you keep up with your appointments and important dates.  


  1. Great idea! Nice and colorful and it'll definitely make you want to use it!

    1. I am loving how it turned out Shawn Ann! It is more functional and looks way better too!

  2. I absolutely love what you've done here, the magnet jewels are so fab, my Michael's didn't have those fab colors, but I'm mad that I didn't get the ones that they DID have. I also love what you did with the frame, I've been holding on to a square one and was thinking of ideas what to do with it, you took very ordinary stuff and made it into something beautiful, fabulous and extraordinary. All of your magnet creations, I LOVE THEM ALL, you've got great vision! I'm pinning in hopes to inspire others to create something so fabulous for keeping everything and everyone on schedule! You can also use Washi tape to spruce it up on those special days of the month like birthdays and anniversaries giving your board that additional POP of color!

    1. Oh Rose! You always make me feel so proud! I love the washi tape idea! I think I could do some Birthday and holiday magnets too! Thanks!

  3. Oh, I almost forgot, I LOVE the shelf too! Looks great all together!

  4. Definitely a great idea. I have a planner on my desk I use to stay organized.

  5. This is such a great idea! I have a bland magnetic/dry erase board that I will definitely have to try this out on. I don't know why I didn't think of it, but yours looks beautiful!

  6. I love how you made it from drab to fab!

  7. Very Nice. Its always fun to get organized, at least for me it is :) My husband would disagree that me getting organized is NOT fun.

  8. Practical and pretty, it is so important to have a calendar like that in the house when you have kids and lots of activities.


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