Friday, January 24, 2014

My Chatterbox #SodaStreamPack via @HousePartyFun

*I received the products in this post for free via House Party, however all opinions are my own. 

Check it Out!  I love House Party!  If you haven't heard of House Party, well it's time!  House Party is an awesome site that allows you to get some amazing party packs by some of the most popular brands, and all you have to do is share it!  
I have been chosen for 9 parties since joining in 2010 and I have gotten some amazing products and savings on products like Velveeta, Gevalia Coffees and Tombstone Pizzas.  Just this past November I was chosen for the Soda Stream Fizz the Season House Party and I received a free SodaStream!  My family and I are loving it too! 
House Party also has what's called Chatterbox parties, where you can get even closer to those brands and products you really love, and try some new ones as well.  I recently got chosen for the SodaStream Flavors Chatterbox, where I received even more awesome SodaStream flavors, a set of 2 more bottles and of course savings to share!  

For this Chatterbox I received an assortment of Crystal Light, Kool-Aid and Country Time Lemonade flavors.  Each of these samples makes one bottle of fizzy goodness!  I just love how easy it is to make and everyone can make their own.  Thanks to House Party we now have 5 bottles so everyone gets their own bottle and their own choices!

If you have never seen how a SodaStream works, here is a quick look.  Each SodaStream maker comes with a Carbonator that is installed in the back and is the secret to the fizz!  All you have to do is fill your bottle to the fill line with cold water, we use the water from the water dispenser on the fridge, it's already cold and filtered.  Next you simply insert the top of your bottle into the machine until it locks, push it back into position and push down for bubble making!  What is super cool about the SodaStream is you can control the amount of fizz!  From just a little to super fizzy, you can get what you want! You know how much your getting by the indicators on the machine, the higher they rise, the more the fizz.  
We have discovered that we like medium fizz the most and there are so many options for flavors too!  Over 70 flavors to choose from and I am telling you, they are good.  Tastes just like those canned and bottled sodas your spending a fortune on!  And I really like that I don't have all that excess trash anymore from the soda bottles and cans.  We reuse the bottles over and over and I am getting my family to try new flavors too!
I am really enjoying my SodaStream!  Thanks House Party!

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