Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trunk or Treating! How to turn your Van into an Open Mouth for $5!

Check it Out!  This Thursday is Halloween and if your looking for a quick and easy way to decorate your trunk for a Trunk or Treating Event, I have got a super easy one that can be adapted to many vehicles and enhanced to make look even better.  I found the idea on Pinterest and they were all done differently so I decided to take the idea and personalize it to my van.  Now I needed to do it rather quickly and cheaply, because I was lacking in time and money so I put my brain to work- at the Dollar Tree!  I was able to purchase the supplies I needed for under $5!
  • Black tablecloth
  • Red tablecloth
  • white tablecloth
  • 2 pieces of white poster board
I also used clear tape, scissors, black sharpie and a large piece of cardboard. 
This is a super simple project to put together.

Step 1:  Your large piece of cardboard should fit in the large portion of the trunk to create an even black background.  I had a box from a desk that I had bought, not only was it bendable, but it fit my hole perfectly!  I just covered it completely with my black tablecloth. 
Step 2:  I drew my teeth onto the two pieces of posterboard.  Each half of a piece of poster board fit perfectly across the span of my trunk door, so I put a fang and about 4 teeth on each side and taped them together in the center.  I drew one and traced it onto the other so they looked even.  
Step 3:  I used the two left over pieces of poster board to create my lower teeth.  They are shorter but they also leave room for my tongue.

Step 4:  I added lines to my cut out teeth to make them look more real.  If you were going for a more creepy look, you could add blood to your fangs!
Step 5:  Cut out a white piece from the white tablecloth for the center of the throat.  I just used a strip and rounded one edge.
Step 6:  Cut a tongue out of the red tablecloth.  I cut a folded over long strip out, since I wasn't sure how long I wanted it to be, and then rounded the end.  I taped it all closed.  I used multiple layers so that it would be thicker and sturdier.
Everything fit right into the back of the van and didn't even take up much space!

To set it all up I simply propped my black background up and then using the clear tape, I taped the long top teeth to the edge of my trunk and then I was able to stand up my bottom teeth using my storage compartment lids.  I then taped the rounded white part to the center right behind the tongue opening and added my tongue.  I could have had it all the way to the ground, but I didn't want to be tripping over it so we shortened it up.  I was able to use a small piece of tape to stick it to the bumper so it didn't blow around. I covered the rest of the bottom of the trunk with my left over red tablecloth and then I added my bowl of candy to the center on top of the tongue.
If I had had more time, I may have added some eyes to the top and covered in the sides with more black tablecloth, but I am happy with how it turned out and we got lots of compliments.  Thanks to my baby girl for giving me a hand at the event!

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