Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Product Review: @CreationSource Custom Photo Rings #lovingmemories

*I received the product in this post for free, however all opinions are my own.

2 custom photo rings for 100 Dollars

Check it Out!  Since the fire, one of my missions has been to replace my lost photos.  I thank God that I demanded my photos, which sat in the rain and heat and rain and heat for 2 weeks after the fire before being rescued, be saved.  I initially had around 15 photo boxes and over 20 albums of photos so I had 2 large tubs of stuck together photos and 3 tubs of gross, mold covered albums to go through.  It took a couple of weeks and a whole lot of patience to save about 1 box full of photos, but so worth it.  The images were so heartwarming to see, some I remembered clearly and some I had completely forgotten about.
I had just scanned them all in my computer and uploaded them to Facebook when I got an invitation to review a Custom Photo Ring via CreationSource so of course I was so excited at the opportunity to be able to have some of these precious memories on a ring!

I chose my 8 photos and a few weeks later I received my ring.  
I absolutely love the idea of being able to wear some of my favorite memories right on my hand.  I chose pictures of my kids, all three of them in all of the pictures and I probably should have taken a little more time to choose them.  As I said all of my photos are scanned from originals and those originals weren't in their best shape so I feel that some of the images weren't best for such a small space.  
I really like the ring and have even worn it out but there is an area that is a little bumpy and fuzzy and the ring is very bulky. There are a few rough edges as well.  I think they just didn't take the time to sand or buff those edges out so it all lies flatter and even.  But that is the beauty of a ring like this, it is handmade and isn't perfect.  I really wish that they had used a thicker border between the pics though, because some of the images kinda run in together.  Below is a pic of all sides of the ring.

Sorry about the blurriness but this little bugger was hard to photograph!  
I do really overall love the ring, it is unique and definitely one of a kind!  I like the idea of wearing it on a chain or some sort of necklace, making it not only more visible, but more comfortable to wear.  You can't really go wrong when you can wear pictures of those you love close to your heart!
I have to add that hubby REALLY liked it and wanted it for himself, but it was too small for him, fit me perfect by the way.
CreationSource also creates custom MacBook Pro Decals for your computer.  

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