Sunday, October 20, 2013

Get the @Purex Laundry Help App for on the spot info!

Check it Out! Purex has a great new App that you have got to make room for on your phone!  I just found out about this gem and have to share it with y'all!  Available for Download on the Apple App Store and Google play, this handy little app has an amazing amount of information!
Some of the features on the Purex Laundry App include:

  • Fabric Care - get helpful care instrunctions for popular types of fabric.  Just enter your choice and you get tips and info on how to was and dry.
  • Stain Guide - get expert advice on how to treat even those toughest stains.  I love how easy it is too, just choose your type of stain and material and you get a solution!  Choosing the stain type is easy too, because they give you categories to choose from.  
  • Ironing & Folding - Never learned how to fold a fitted sheet?  Here is the place to get an easy to understand lesson as well as instructions on the basics of properly ironing and folding a wide range of clothing.
  • Label Decoder - Can't figure out what all those funny little symbols and pictures on clothing tags mean?  Yep, they got you covered with this handy label decoder!  Just select your symbols and this app will break it down for ya!
Purex Laundry Help App Screenshot

As if that wasn't enough to help ya out, they also have a Laundry Timer that is personally my favorite part.  My laundry room is in the basement and because we also keep the cat in the basement the door stays closed so I can't even hear my washer or dryer running.  I just type in my time and my phone will let me know when it's time to empty!  There are two seperate timers too, one for the washer and one for the dryer.  Love it!

There is also a fun little memory game that will help to pass the time while you wait called Mix -N- Match as well as a Product Info section, a Promotions section and even a Barcode Scanner where you can just scan a Purex product and get key information for that product.
I'm telling you, well worth the download!  Get over to and get the Purex Laundry Help App now and when you download you also get entered to win an iPad Mini!  Yeah!  Good luck!  

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