Monday, July 15, 2013

Make It Monday - Mason Jar Candle Lantern

Check it Out!  I love jars and I love to use them for all sorts of things, from storage to decor.  I recently picked up some 20 gauge wire at Michael's for only $0.50 so I decided to make some patio lanterns.

The supplies are super simple, wire, a jar, some pliers and a candle.

So the first step is to measure out your hanger and form it into the loop.  I put two crimps on each end to allow for the wrap over that secures the wire.

Holding the wire on each side of the jar, secure one end of your wire to one side of the wire loop and start wrapping your wire around the neck, pulling it tight and continuing around the jar as many times as you want.  

Once your done wrapping, secure the end to one side of the handle and then bring up the left over piece to wrap around the handle and finish the look off.  This is where your pliers will come in handy.

Bend and straighten your handle out to get the look you want, add a candle and hang it to enjoy the glow.

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