Monday, July 29, 2013

Make It Monday - Dry Erase Menu Frame

Check it Out!  I have found that dinner time is less stressful for me and cheaper for the pocket book if I plan a menu out each week.  After planning I needed somewhere to put my menu on display so I decided to of course...make it!

Using a frame I picked up at the Dollar Tree and some stickers I made a Dry Erase Menu Board for the week days.  You can use a bigger frame and add all 7 days if you wish, but I just need to get through the week days, weekends are relaxing light meals around here, so I am only doing Monday thru Friday on my menu board. 
I chose a nice 8 x 10 yellow scrapbook paper for the background, not too busy so you can focus on the words you write on the glass and I used large letter stickers for my menu heading and smaller ones for the week days themselves.  

By placing my sticker letters on a straight edge like my see thru ruler, I am able to get them straight and where I want them easily.  Just lay them as you would want them on the paper with just the edges of the stickers on the straight edge, adjust them to make them evenly spaced and then decide where you want them on your page.  Stick the bottoms to the paper and then pull the straight edge away.

Then I just added the days of the weeks evenly spaced down the rest of the page, being sure to leave room for the frame edge.

Once all my letters are on I put the paper in the frame.  You could add any other embellishments to your liking at this point to fit your decor.  I decided the frame was a little plain and I had a Gold Sharpie Paint Pen that I got marked down to $0.50.

I added some dots around the outside edge and colored the inside edge in with my paint pen and my dry erase menu frame is complete!  By using a frame I am able to hang it on the wall or set in on a table!

Would you find a menu board helpful in your home?  Go ahead...make it!

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