Monday, June 10, 2013

Make It Monday - Closet Makeover & Chalkboard Panels

Check it Out!  In the 6 months that we have been living in our new home, we have made quite a few changes.  I am not the type to just live in it.  I have to personalize it!  So with a clean slate to work with, we were able to fix things and fix things up!  This week for my Monday Make It, I wanna share a few of the changes we have made and show how easy it is to "make it" yours!

First I wanted to share how you can make a chalkboard on your closet doors.  My daughter is a doodler and loves to write and draw so we just bought a small bottle of chalkboard paint from Michael's and painted the insides of the raised panels on her closet doors.  
If your hesitant about getting a straight line, just run a line of tape to keep it square.

The other change I wanted to share is our living room coat closet.  Not one of my kids likes to use a hanger so I decided the coat closet would not have a rod.  So first thing we did in that old plain closet was strip it of the shelf and rod and then painted the walls.

We then put up 1 x 6's at head and hip heights and painted them a contrasting color.  I hit a sale to get those ceramic hooks and knobs for buy one get one free via Hobby Lobby and they are so pretty!  
I love the way this turned out and the kids love how easy it is to hang up their stuff now!  I'm thinking of using the same idea in their closets!

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