Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Get it labeled right the first time with Kidecals. 15% Promo code!

*I am eligible to receive a complimentary set of Kidecals in exchange for this post via USFamily Guide, however all opinions are my own


Check it Out!  I love labels and organizing things.  I am not super great at it, but I have found that labels make things easier.  Teaching the kids to put things back where they got them is easier, remembering where you put things, is easier and less stressful.  
If you have kids, I think labels are imperative, I mean you better label everything you send to school with them, if you want to see them again and don't forget with summer coming up, labels for camp!  
Why am I talking about labels?  Well Kidecals is a company that offers the most durable waterproof labels on the market.  See that's the secret, you gotta get good labels or you will be relabeling before ya know it! lol  But really imagine being able to label pool toys just once and it actually lasts!  Well that's what ya get with Kidecals. 
From Daycare items, Camp labels and personalized kids name labels, they have you covered when it comes to labeling pretty much anything.  They even have chalkboard labels that you can write on and fun mustache stickers! I can think of a thousand uses for them.  What makes them so special is they are dishwasher and washing machine and dryer safe!  Check them all out at  http://kidecals.com/ 

Kidecals have even be featured on the Today Show and I am super stoked that Check it Out! with Dawn  readers can save 15% off Kidecals when you use promo code:  bestlabels at http://kidecals.com.  Happy Shopping!

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