Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Pups Paradise @Cravebox

Check it Out!  It's been a bit since I have received a new Cravebox, there just hasn't been anything that I was interested in until the previously presented Pups Paradise Cravebox became available again for a limited time.  I snagged one up since they were being offered as Instant boxes.  With Instant boxes there are no drawings and waiting, if you see it listed buy it before it is gone.
Ellie knew this box was for her the minute I set it down!  As soon as it was open, she was the first to get inside it!

This box only cost $13 and it was full of great doggie stuff!  Here are the products that were inside...

Fido's Cookies
Sells for about $4.00 for the individual bone
A pretty big bone shaped cookie with a frosting of some sort.  Ellie wouldn't eat it until we broke it up into smaller pieces.  She did love the smell but wasn't super eager to eat it.

Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food
*Real Duck + Sweet Potato Recipe
*Real Chicken + Sweet Potato Recipe
Sells for about $15 a 4 lb. bag

Merrick Bandana
Cute, but not really Ellie's color.

Kong Chewy Treats Meat Stix
Sells for about $6.00 a 6.5 oz bag
These are specially shaped meat stix that fit inside Kong treat toys and also are perfect for training.

TropiClean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel
Sells for $10.99 
Ellie let me put it on her teeth and licked a little, didn't notice much a difference the first time, so we will see over time.  She has good teeth now,so this should help maintain them and get rid of any new tartar.

The Original Pet Bowl Mat
Sell for $4.99 
This is a super absorbency, machine washable, microfiber pet mat that has anti-skid bumps to keep the mat in place and will hold 4 times its weight in water. 
Within 2 hours of putting this on the floor with Ellie's water and food bowls, the kids knocked the bowl and almost all of the water spilled out and this mat absorbed it all, the floor was dry and all I had to do was throw it in the wash!  Love it!

So that is the Pups Paradise Cravebox.  Cost me $13 and I got about $25 worth of products so I am happy not only with the price but the variety of products.  Ellie is too!

*I received no compensation for this post and all opinions are my own.

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